Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Cookies :)

Bunnies, Easter Eggs, and Carrot Cookies!

Thanks, Courtney! :)

Medic Symbol Birthday Cake

Medic Symbol Cake for Joseph's Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks, Heather!! :)

Wedding Shower Cookie Pops

Cookie Pops for a wedding shower...

Congratulations Samantha!

Thanks, Suzanne!  :)

Widespread Birthday Cake

Widespread Birthday Cake :)  .... (with M&Ms... haha)

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Thanks, Amy!

Lingerie Cupcakes :)

Lingerie Cupcakes for a Bachelorette Party! :)

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Over the Hill Cookies

Over the Hill Birthday Cookies :)

Thanks, Leah & Mandi!

Groovy at 30 Birthday Cake

Groovy at 30 birthday cake with DISCO Ball! :)  Awesome party idea...

Thanks, Leslie!

Power Rangers Samurai Birthday Cake

RED Power Ranger....  Morgan's favorite! :)
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Thanks, Cathy!

Lightning McQueen Birthday Cookie Cake

Lightning McQueen :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Riley!

Thanks, Josh and Jennifer!

Pink Poodle in Paris Birthday Party! :)

These yummy treats were for a Pink Poodle in Paris Birthday Party!!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Bella!

Thanks, Bethany! :)

Pink Poodles and Eiffel Tower Cookies - - Individually Wrapped as Party Favors :)

Mario Birthday Cake

Mario Birthday Cake! 

Happy Birthday Clay and Justin (A.K.A. "J")

Thanks, Allison :)

Baby Shower Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a baby shower...  They matched the sweet baby girl's bedding :)

Thanks so much, Randi!

Rose Cake :)

Pink and White Rose cake with edible pearls...

Happy Birthday, Randi!

Love you! :)

Tractor Birthday Cake

Tractor Two-Tier Birthday Cake :)

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Thanks, Lane!

Polka Dot Cookie Cake :)

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Ainsley!

Thanks, Rebecca! :)

Baptism Cake & Cookies

Baptism Cake and Cookies!

Thanks, Kaylis :)

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake & Cookies

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake and Cookies Individually wrapped for party favors!

Happy 4th Birthday, Livie!

Thanks, Laura! :)

Caterpillar cookies :)

Thanks, Audrey :)

Sweet Baby Bird Cake

Sweet Baby Bird and Caterpillar Birthday Cake :)

Thanks, Audrey!!

MSU Birthday Cookie Cake

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sowell...MSU style!

Thanks, Emily! :)

Lingerie Party Cookies....

LOTS and LOTS of Lingerie Party Cookies :)

Thanks, everybody!  These are always a lot of fun to make... haha!

Duo Birthday Cake :)

Birthday cake for two :)

Happy Birthday, Jean & Will!

Thanks, Christy!

Welcome Back, Lisa

Purple Rose Cake (her favorite color) to welcome back sweet Lisa! :)

We missed you!

Thanks, Pat! :)

Jungle Theme 1st Birthday!

This cake (and smash cake) was for sweet Will Skinner!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet man!

Thanks, Lauren :)

Let the Fun Begin - Retirement Cake :)

Enough said... :)

Thanks, Mary Camille!!!

Dr. Seuss Cupcakes

Cupcakes to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day... :) 

Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham
Thing 1 and Thing 2

Multiplication/Division Cookies!

These cookies were a reward for a special group of 3rd graders!  The ones in the class who learned their multiplication/division tables received a special SURPRISE PARTY!!! :) 

( Best teacher in the world... Julie Hammer! :)

Tiddliwinks Baby Shower Cake

Tiddliwinks Baby Shower Cake


Welcome, Baby Tommy!

Thanks, Kim! :)