Monday, December 26, 2011

LSU Cookies

LSU Football Cookies... for a HUGE LSU Football fan!

Thanks again, James :)

Another Baby Reveal Party....

I LOVE doing the treats for the Baby Reveal Parties :)  Keeping the secret from family and friends isn't always easy though! 

So now I can say it...........

It's a BOY!!!!!! :)

Each cupcake was filled with BLUE BUTTERCREAM ICING! :)  (One day I'm going to get a picture of the 'reveal' so you can actually SEE the inside! ha ha)

Welcome to Sweet Baby Little!
Thanks so much, Whitney!  Congratulations, again, to you guys!

Birthday Cake COOKIE Cake

Birthday Cake Cookie Cake

Happy Birthday Erica!
Thanks, Lisa! :)

Happy Birthday German Chocolate Cake

"Happy Birthday Mom"
German Chocolate Cake

This smelled Wonderful and I almost didn't want to deliver it! ha ha! :)

Congratulations Nurse Emma!

These fun cookies were for a party for one of my dear friends graduating Nursing School!

So proud OF and FOR you, sweet Emma!  You will be a fantastic nurse!!! :)

More Christmas Creations.... :)

 Thanks to everyone for all of the Christmas Orders this year!  I think the total number of Christmas cookies (just cookies) was around 700-800 for the month!!!

 God's blessings are so wonderful! :)  I'm so thankful that He continues to allow me to do what I love... and feel He is leading me to do!

  Thanks again to each and everyone of my wonderful customers! :)  Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless! :)

Here are a few pictures....

Holiday Christmas Variety Box

Precious Christmas Penguin Cookie Cake

Santa Suits and Green Christmas Stockings

Mississippi State University Christmas Cookie Platter

Sunday, December 11, 2011

**It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHRISTMAS**

So apparently I'm not the only one who LOVES Christmas Cookies...  Here are just a few pictures of what I've made lately! :) 

Thanks to everyone for your orders!  I've had the best time decorating each one... :)


Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie Kate.... :)
Thanks Kaley!

Disney's CARS -- Lightning McQueen Cookie Favors

These precious cookies were favors for a Lightning McQueen Themed Birthday Party!
As usual, I had so much fun making them! :)
Thanks, Emily!

"Sweet Dreams Baby Boy" Shower Cake

Welcome Sweet Baby Bentley! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Featured in Premier Bride Magazine...

So I just found out that my desserts from the wedding I did in October are going to be featured in
Premier Bride Magazine :) 

Super excited....  Be sure to check it out! :)

More Sock Monkeys....

Just a few more sock monkeys... These were for a fun baby shower :)

Multi-Colored Sock Monkeys

Saturday, December 3, 2011

**Mario Bowling Party**

Mario Bowling Party Cookies

I did these as party favors for a Mario Brothers themed Bowling Party... sooo cute! :)
Mario Faces and Bowling pins...

Thanks, Elise! :)

**Sock Monkey Party**


These may be my new favorite obsession! :)  I had two sock monkey orders this weekend and honestly had the best time making both!  I haven't uploaded the other picture yet, but I'll do that soon....

1st Birthday Party - Sock Monkey Theme....
Happy 1st Birthay, Parker!
Thanks, Summer! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

**Sweet Treats Holiday Special**

*** "Sweet Treats" December Special *** 10% off Cake Pops & Cookies.... 15% off Cakes & Cupcakes :)
December ONLY!!!
Message or email me for details....

Baby Shower Cakes :)

Sweet Baby Girl Shower Cake :)

Sweet Baby Boy Shower Cake :)
(to match the invitations)

Happy Thanksgiving :)

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging to me and "Sweet Treats" over the past few months!  You guys are the best!  Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Happy Fall/Thanksgiving Cookies :)

Halloween Goodies....

Halloween Cookie Platter :)

Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Sweet Tanner :)

Pumpkin Cookies :)
These were for a Sunday School class...  The teacher requested that I make the eyes/nose/mouth yellow to teach her class about the importance of "Shining Jesus!"
....I LOVED that :)

**Birthday Present Cake**

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fondant Bow

As usual, I had a lot of fun making this cake as well! :)

**Sweet Dream Pie Cupcakes**

These definitely have a story behind them... and a SUPER cute one at that.
My sister Julie is THE BEST teacher in the world...  (Had to go ahead and set that record straight :)

Anyway, she started a voluntary book club for her class of 3rd grades... The kids basically read a book each month and get a party at the end of the month as long as they participate. 

The book they read for this particular month was called Sweet Dream Pie.  I guess I would not have gotten to attend the party because I did not READ the entire book myself (haha) but I did read enough to get the main concept. 

A sweet, old woman decides to make this HUGE pie to feed everyone in the town.... This pie contains all sorts of chocolate/candies/etc....  FILLED with goodies, needless to say! :)  But warns if you eat too much, you will get sick.  No one listens to her and they all eat HUGE portions...   Of course, they all get better and learn to limit their SUGAR intake... a little bit is OK, but you can't OVERDO IT! :) (WE ALL need to learn that lesson, right?! haha)

Anyway, I made 'sweet dream pie' cupcakes for their prize for completing the book... 
Rainbow batter cupcakes topped with M&Ms, Dots, Skittles, Jelly Beans, etc... 
And of course shaped like little pies :)

These were super fun to make and I was just glad to help be a part of something for my sweet sister and her class!

Great Job, Jules... You truly are an amazing teacher!  I respect you for using your talents for God :)  These kids are luckier than they know!

cookies.... CoOkieS.... COOKIES!!! :)

No one I know :)

Check out these super cute Party Favors and Class Reunion Cookies...

Mermaid Cookies... Happy Sweet 16 Terra!

Planes, Trains and #1 Cookies...

Sorry about the glare :(.....

Bowling Party Cookie Favors...

Neon Pink, Neon Green, Electric Yellow, Electric Orange, & Purple :)

St. Al Class Reunion Cookies :)

Thanks everyone! :)

Bridal Showers & Weddings :)

A few bridal shower cakes along with a few pictures from a Wedding Dessert Table :)

Congratulations Jonathan and Katie :)

Matching Pink Heart Cookies for the Wedding Shower :)

Sweet Treat Bites... "R" is for Mr. & Mrs. Rogers... :)  Loved these...

Wedding Dessert Table
Chocolate Truffles
Sweet Treat Bites
Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Another sweet Bridal Shower Cake -- Strawberry Cake!!! :)

Birthday Cakes -- For the GIRLS!! :)

Here are a few birthday cakes/cupcakes/smash cakes I've made for some sweet little girls over the past few weeks....

Sweet Froggy Birthday Cupcakes
(to match the precious invitations)

 LOVE the little pink fondant bows...

Princess Crown Shaped Birthday Cake 

...with matching Princess Crown Smash Cake :)

Pink Zebra Print Purse Cake & matching Diva Hot Pink Cupcakes...

Happy 1st Birthday Josie!

Sweet Little Pumpkin Smash Cake to match the invitations... :)