Sunday, August 12, 2012

MSU Birthday Cake :)

MState Birthday Cake

Thanks, Jana! :)

Bachelorette Party Cookies :)

Bachelorette Party Cookies

Purple and Yellow :)

Thanks, Mallory!

Swimsuit and Flip Flop Cookies :)

Purple and Yellow Swimsuit and Flip Flop cookies :)

Thanks, Peggy!

Dress for Success Cupcakes :)

Cupcakes for Dress for Success - celebrating 10 years!!! :)

Thanks, Pat :)

Slip 'N Slide Cookies :)

Slip 'N Slide Cookies :)

Swim Shorts/Water Splashes/Beach Balls :)

Thanks, Elise!

MSU Paw Print Cookie Cake :)

MSU Paw Print Cookie Cake :)

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Thanks, Rachel!

Monogrammed Cross Cake

Monogrammed Cross Cake for Baptism :)

Thanks, Meredith!  Hope you guys had a very special day!

Whale Birthday Cake and Smash Cake

Whale Themed Birthday Cake and Smash Cake for sweet Preston!

Happy 1st Birthday, Preston!

Thanks, Bethany :)

Mississippi State University and Virginia Tech Lacrosse Cake

Mississippi State University and Virginia Tech Lacrosse Cake for a guy
who played at both schools :)

Thanks, Katie!

Pirate Party Cookies :)

Pirate Birthday Party Cookies :)

Thanks, Mary Bess!

Bass Fish Cookies - :)

Bass Fish Cookies :)

Thanks, Mimi!

University of Alabama Cookies :)

University of Alabama Cookies :)

Thanks, Mimi!

Red White and Blue Cookies :)

Happy 4th of July!!! :)

Monogrammed Baby Shower Cookies for Twins :)

Monogrammed Baby Shower Cookies for sweet little twins :)

Thanks, Kristen!

Fish Cookies :)

FISH Cookies :)
Blue, Red, and Yellow!

Thanks, Emily!

Lake Party Cake :)

Lake Party Cake :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sam!

Thanks, Emily!

Monogrammed Couples Shower Cookies :)

Congratulations Erin and Morgan :)

Thanks, Mackie and Abby!

Pretty Pink Rose Cake and Smash Cake

Pretty Pink Fondant Rose Cake and Matching Smash Cake :)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake :)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake for sweet W.C.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Thanks, Emily!

Cowboy Party Cookies :)

Cowboy Party Cookies :)

Cowboy Boots and Hats

Pink Lemonade Cookies :)

Thanks, Randi and Dawn!

Baby Reveal Cupcakes :)

Baby Reveal Cupcakes


The inside of each cupcake was filled with... BLUE!

It's a BOY!! :)

Thanks, Kriti!  Congratulations to you guys!

Happy 30th Birthday Cake :)

Happy 30th Birthday to sweet Lauren! :) 

Thanks, Josh!

Toy Story Cookies :)

Toy Story Cookies :)

50th Birthday Cookies :)

Thanks, Sherri!

Jenn and Dan's Wedding :)

Jenn and Dan's wedding :)
So honored to make your cakes for your speciald day! 
Love you both! :)

Jenn's Cake :)

Buttercream Ruffles with Fondant Flowers

Dan's Cake
"Superman".... or "ANDERman" Cake :)
*Their last name is Anderman*

Chocolate Cake covered in fondant with fondant accents :)

Jenn's Cake, Dan's Cake, and the Strawberry Rose Cupcakes :)

Princess Party Cookies :)

Princess Party Cookies :)

Princess Dresses, Crowns and Shoes :)

MSU Birthday Cake :)

MSU Birthday Cake :)

Thanks, Loria!

Bass Fish Cake :)

Bass Fish Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday Brandon :)

'Under The Sea' Cookies :)

"Under the Sea" Creature Cookies :)

Starfish, Crab, Whale, and Octopus

Shark Attack Birthday Cake!!!!


Happy 6th Birthday Will!

Thanks, Laura!

Grady's Birthday! :)

My sweet nephew Grady decided he wanted a BEACH PARTY for his birthday this year! :)  He LOVES the beach! ha ha :)

Below you will see Grady's Beach cake and cupcakes :)

Beach Cake and Cupcakes :)

Love you Grady-man :)

Bachelorette Party Cookies :)

Bachelorette Party Cookies

Hot Pink and Purple :)

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake :)

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake!

Thanks, Lindsey!

Sesame Street Cupcakes :)

Sesame Street Cupcakes :)

Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird!

These were for my sweet nephew's class for his birthday! :)
Love you, Grady!

Strawberry Cupcakes with yellow/pink fondant flowers :)

Strawberry cupcakes with Strawberry Icing and edible fondant flowers :)

Thanks, Natalie!

Crawfish Birthday Cake :)

Crawfish Birthday Cake!

Thanks, Lauren! :)

Guitar/Musical Notes Cake :)

Guitar/Musical Notes Cake!

Happy 30th Birthday Joey!

Thanks, Mindi!

Elmo Smash Cake :)

Elmo Smash Cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Alex! :)

Welcome Baby BOY! :)

Baby Boy Shower Cookies...

Circles/Bottles/Baby Feet/Carriage/Onesies


Mario Birthday Cake :)

Mario Birthday Cake :)

Thanks, Wanda!

Monogrammed Baby Shower Tiered Cake :)

Monogrammed Baby Shower Cake - Green and Blue :)

Margarita Glass/High Heel Birthday Cake :)

Margarita Glass/High Heel Birthday Cake! :)
Thanks, Emily!

Littl Red Wagon Cookies :)

Little Red Wagon Cookies :)

Last Fling Before the Ring....

Last Fling Before the Ring Cake....
Zebra Print and Hot Pink :)

Cat in the Hat Birthday Cake :)

Cat in the Hat Cake :)

Happy Birthday, Brooks!