Saturday, November 26, 2011

**Sweet Dream Pie Cupcakes**

These definitely have a story behind them... and a SUPER cute one at that.
My sister Julie is THE BEST teacher in the world...  (Had to go ahead and set that record straight :)

Anyway, she started a voluntary book club for her class of 3rd grades... The kids basically read a book each month and get a party at the end of the month as long as they participate. 

The book they read for this particular month was called Sweet Dream Pie.  I guess I would not have gotten to attend the party because I did not READ the entire book myself (haha) but I did read enough to get the main concept. 

A sweet, old woman decides to make this HUGE pie to feed everyone in the town.... This pie contains all sorts of chocolate/candies/etc....  FILLED with goodies, needless to say! :)  But warns if you eat too much, you will get sick.  No one listens to her and they all eat HUGE portions...   Of course, they all get better and learn to limit their SUGAR intake... a little bit is OK, but you can't OVERDO IT! :) (WE ALL need to learn that lesson, right?! haha)

Anyway, I made 'sweet dream pie' cupcakes for their prize for completing the book... 
Rainbow batter cupcakes topped with M&Ms, Dots, Skittles, Jelly Beans, etc... 
And of course shaped like little pies :)

These were super fun to make and I was just glad to help be a part of something for my sweet sister and her class!

Great Job, Jules... You truly are an amazing teacher!  I respect you for using your talents for God :)  These kids are luckier than they know!

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