Friday, July 15, 2011

*Happy Birthday Dad and Mom*

So I'm a little behind with my updates :)  Our internet has been down for almost a week now, so that hasn't helped much! ....

My mom and dad have birthday a week apart... so you know they EACH had to have a birthday cake!  My parents are my best friends, so I wanted to do something 'special' for each of them!

Mom's birthday cake is an 8 inch round - "Old Fashioned Chocolate" Cake - Buttercream icing with fondant accents :)

Dad's cake is an 8 inch round "Classic White" Cake - Buttercream Icing -- New York Yankees :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture with mom holding her cake... :(   
But I DID get a picture of Dad with his cake :)

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!  I love you both!

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