Tuesday, June 21, 2011

*Happy Birthday Sweet Sister....*

Today is my sister Julie's birthday!  I made a cake for her this past weekend when most of us (except for Jenny :(... we msised you Jenny!) got together to celebrate Father's Day and Julie's birthday!  We devoured most of it, but I think they managed to take a few pieces home after the 'celebration!' :)

As you can see from the pictures, this is a CHOCOLATE on CHOCOLATE M&Ms cake....

Chocolate cake iced with chocolate buttercream - and FILLED with chocolate buttercream... and, of course, topped with M&Ms :)

Now as I said, this was for JULIE'S birthday...

However, from the pictures, you would ALMOST think it was Grady's birthday "Part Two!"  I wish i had a video of this because without the words, pictures just do not give the full effect.

Grady chanted over and over... 'My birthday... My Birthday... My Birthday.....! MY CAKE... MY CAKE.... MY CAKE.....!  My Presents... My Presents... My Presents! :)  But hey - give the kid a break... he DID just have his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, so he just thought he got a BIRTHDAY MONTH!! :)  Of course, Julie needed a little help blowing out the candles, so I don't think she minded sharing some of the attention!  Afterall, he's so stinkin' cute!! :)

Happy Birthday, Jules!  I love you! :)


  1. MY CAKE, MY CAKE, MY CAKE!!!! ha ha. thanks for the cake! it was delicious and SO perfect for me, the chocoholic, even if i did have to share it with Grady-man! love, j.

  2. Did y'all save me a piece????? Yummy! Happy birthday (again) Jules!!