Saturday, September 3, 2011

**Sweet Baby Showers**

Over the past few weeks, I have had the honor of making 'sweet treats' for a few baby showers for some pretty special people.  Here are a few of them....

Welcome Sadie & Sophie

This cake was for a long time friend of mine expecting 2 sweet baby girls, Sadie & Sophie....

10 inch square iced in Rich Buttercream Icing - Double Layer with Fondant Accents

Sweet Baby Blake
This next cake was for a baby shower welcoming sweet Baby Blake!

Welcome Baby Brynlee
These were not for a baby shower, but just a little welcome surprise for the parents of sweet Baby Brynlee :)

Savory Sugar cookies iced with Royal Icing.... mmmm :)
Baby Onesies, Carriages, and Monogrammed Circles....

Welcome Baby Kai

This cake was made to welcome sweet Baby Kai :) (Sorry for cutting the side of the cake off in the picture... I guess I was in a hurry! ha!) 

Single Layer Strawberry Cake Iced in Rich Buttercream Icing....  (Strawberry is Baby Kai's Mommy's FAVORITE flavor, so I decided to surprise her with that!  Possibly a LITTLE confusing considering baby Kai is a BOY....  But that's ok -- the cake had enough BLUE on it as well!)

The blue Onesies were fondant and the clothesline stands were sugar cookies iced with royal icing....

Baby Kai's daddy is a professional hunter... so I had to make a few CAMO ONESIE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES to make him smile!  These were individually packaged and tied with a cute little matching brown bow.  Notice the little K's on each one too! ;)  I just loved these....

This shot isn't very clear... I tried to get a close up, but not so much! ;)

These cookies were also made for the shower for Baby Kai!  These are also sugar cookies iced with royal icing....

Each cookie was individually packaged and tied with a cute little matching white ribbon/bow :)

I think they were a hit because they were GONE halfway through the shower! ha ha!

Welcome Baby Kai... Cake #2

Another cake to welcome Sweet Baby Kai :)  This one was made to match the invitations for the shower.

This was a 9 Inch Square cake -- CHOCOLATE CAKE (Baby Kai's Mommy's SECOND favorite flavor...and also happen's to be Baby Kai's Daddy's FAVORITE flavor....)
Iced in Rich Buttercream... Fondant Accents
Also - I did a dozen chocolate cupcakes swirled with rich orange and teal buttercream icing to match the invitations/cake as well! :)

So as you can see, we are welcoming some sweet babies into the world over the next few months...
I feel so honored to have been able to make these cakes/treats for the showers welcoming these sweet little blessings from God!  I pray for each and every one of them... AND their parents! ha ha :)


Speaking of LITTLE ONES.....  If you haven't heard, I'm going to have another precious niece or nephew in 2012!!!!  Grady shared the news with us a few days ago... He's been promoted to a BIG BROTHER!!!! and I could not be more excited!!! :)

P.S. -- I LOVE YOU GRADY :)  You're going to be the BEST Big Brother in the world!

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