Saturday, September 3, 2011

***Basketballs, Flip Flops, Purses, and More....***

So here are a few other cakes I've done lately...  As always, I had a great time making each and every one of these cakes!  I can't pick a favorite... :)

3D Basketball Cake

Flip Flop Birthday Cake

Zebra Print Purse Birthday Cake

Cross Christening Cake

Swim Trunks Birthday Cake

***Cookies and Cookie Cakes***

Question:  Who Doesn't Love a Cookie?!
Answer:  No one I know ;)

I have had NUMEROUS cookie requests over the past few weeks/months... and I've enjoyed making every single one!

Happy 3rd Birthday Cookie Favors

These were so cute!  They matched the invitations for the birthday party!  Each #3 cookie was individually wrapped and tied with a matching bow! ;)

Owl Themed Happy Birthday Cookie Cake

Cookie Cake to match the invitations/party plates.... Very sweet and girly! 
Happy Birthday sweet Baileigh!

These were a dozen chocolate chip flower cookies to match the invitations/plates as well! ;)

Super Girly Summer Time Cookies

 I just LOVED these cookies...  These were for a Friday night party for a group of 30 little girls!  Sugar cookies iced in royal icing -- Sunglasses, Bikinis, and Flip Flops.  (The little pink flowers on the flip flops were made of fondant...)

Margarita Cookies
 These are definitely some of my favorite cookies so far!  Sugar cookies iced in royal icing... dipped in SUGAR (for the SALT, of course! ha ha!)

Happy Birthday Present Cookies
 I absolutely loved the colors on these cookies!  Red/Purple/Yellow/Light Green! :)

....for my Sweet Sister and her puppy dog, Charlie ;)
(Charlie did not get to test his... apparently he is on a no-cookie diet! ha ha)

Happy 30th Birthday Cookie Cake
This was a single layer chocolate chip cookie cake simply iced with her choice of colors (on the invitations). I LOVE pink/orange/teal together! :)

Happy Birthday Cookies
These were a little happy for 2 sweet little girls turning 1 and 3.  The #3 cookies were chocolate chip and the #1 cookies and present cookies were sugar cookies.  All cookies iced in matching royal icing! :)  And, of course, each cookie wrapped individually and tied with a cute little matching bow! :)

"The Hungry Caterpillar" Themed Birthday Cookie Favors
These are definitely another favorite of mine :)  Apples, Oranges, Leaves, and Watermelon... all with 'holes' and iced with royal icing!

Each cookie was wrapped and tied individually with a cute matching bow and Hungry Caterpillar Tag :)
Happy Birthday Little Charlie!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Cupcakes
I know... its a mouthful to say!  Try saying it 3 times fast! ha ha!
These were done for a Happy Anniversary Party at work... and I think they were a hit!  They disappeared pretty quickly! I mean, afterall, you can't beat a COOKIE with ICING on top of an ICED CUPCAKE! :)

**Sweet Baby Showers**

Over the past few weeks, I have had the honor of making 'sweet treats' for a few baby showers for some pretty special people.  Here are a few of them....

Welcome Sadie & Sophie

This cake was for a long time friend of mine expecting 2 sweet baby girls, Sadie & Sophie....

10 inch square iced in Rich Buttercream Icing - Double Layer with Fondant Accents

Sweet Baby Blake
This next cake was for a baby shower welcoming sweet Baby Blake!

Welcome Baby Brynlee
These were not for a baby shower, but just a little welcome surprise for the parents of sweet Baby Brynlee :)

Savory Sugar cookies iced with Royal Icing.... mmmm :)
Baby Onesies, Carriages, and Monogrammed Circles....

Welcome Baby Kai

This cake was made to welcome sweet Baby Kai :) (Sorry for cutting the side of the cake off in the picture... I guess I was in a hurry! ha!) 

Single Layer Strawberry Cake Iced in Rich Buttercream Icing....  (Strawberry is Baby Kai's Mommy's FAVORITE flavor, so I decided to surprise her with that!  Possibly a LITTLE confusing considering baby Kai is a BOY....  But that's ok -- the cake had enough BLUE on it as well!)

The blue Onesies were fondant and the clothesline stands were sugar cookies iced with royal icing....

Baby Kai's daddy is a professional hunter... so I had to make a few CAMO ONESIE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES to make him smile!  These were individually packaged and tied with a cute little matching brown bow.  Notice the little K's on each one too! ;)  I just loved these....

This shot isn't very clear... I tried to get a close up, but not so much! ;)

These cookies were also made for the shower for Baby Kai!  These are also sugar cookies iced with royal icing....

Each cookie was individually packaged and tied with a cute little matching white ribbon/bow :)

I think they were a hit because they were GONE halfway through the shower! ha ha!

Welcome Baby Kai... Cake #2

Another cake to welcome Sweet Baby Kai :)  This one was made to match the invitations for the shower.

This was a 9 Inch Square cake -- CHOCOLATE CAKE (Baby Kai's Mommy's SECOND favorite flavor...and also happen's to be Baby Kai's Daddy's FAVORITE flavor....)
Iced in Rich Buttercream... Fondant Accents
Also - I did a dozen chocolate cupcakes swirled with rich orange and teal buttercream icing to match the invitations/cake as well! :)

So as you can see, we are welcoming some sweet babies into the world over the next few months...
I feel so honored to have been able to make these cakes/treats for the showers welcoming these sweet little blessings from God!  I pray for each and every one of them... AND their parents! ha ha :)


Speaking of LITTLE ONES.....  If you haven't heard, I'm going to have another precious niece or nephew in 2012!!!!  Grady shared the news with us a few days ago... He's been promoted to a BIG BROTHER!!!! and I could not be more excited!!! :)

P.S. -- I LOVE YOU GRADY :)  You're going to be the BEST Big Brother in the world!